Dark Black


Chapter One:

“I am Prime.” The thought rang in it’s head, somewhere in the swirling blackness, within the massive stone hurling through space and time. A space-bound egg of rock and mineral. Spinning in the negative reaches of deep space, beyond light. The stone had always been and they had always been in the stone. Teeming shifting forms amongst the jagged rocks on the hollow interior of the asteroid. soaring in the blackness in the center winged things, gaseous things. They were many now, it was the Prime. It remembered the beginning. The cataclysm and destruction of a dark planet in a futile attempt to eradicate the species. Failure by the armies of the light reaches of space as The Species, deep in the planets core tumbled away burrowed into a chunk of debris the size of the small planets on the outer reaches of the galaxy. The Species reached out to consume the energies of the communication transmissions warning of their presence and escape, consuming the vessels transmitting them and everything else in the asteroids path. Tumbling further out beyond the light until the galaxy was a tiny spinning disc in the distance, rotating in ever wider and longer orbits around the asteroid as it spun in the darkness. Until the galaxy vanished along with all other light. It was The Prime. It remembered.
Then… a signal, detected. disruptions on the cosmic airwaves, rhythmic, pulsing. The hive buzzed as one within the asteroid as the signal passed over them in waves. It was savage, violent, loud. The signal’s rhythm was a pounding solid thumping with intervals of sharp spikes in the waveform. The hive hummed louder, singing along with the signal, orienting themselves towards the electricity, waves drifting out into the liquid of space towards them. The Prime, in the hive’s center now began to scream it’s own resonant scream. Louder than the rest, it was picked up by every organism within range of it, they screamed along with him.
The Prime began to spin with the orientation of the spinning asteroid, now tuned into the incoming signal. The hive began to spin with him, first the flying creatures in the center, among the vapor and clouds, thousands of miles of interior now clouded with a infinite variety of shapes and forms, all in the same direction in sync with The Prime. The air hummed and electricity began to build inside the Asteroid. Lightning arced across it’s interior as the flying things generated static in tremendous amounts. Then the land bound things began to run, locked onto The Prime as it continued to spin and scream in the center of the Asteroid, locked onto the incoming signal, it’s driving beat.
Long form waves joined the sharp rhythmic pulsing, buzzing along with them, chunks of electricity, buzzing and changing frequencies at intervals, while the pounding beat continued. The Hive amplified the signal inside the Asteroid and the entire massive stone monolith vibrated, The force of every living thing inside it running with the rhythm of the incoming signal and The Prime’s screaming, shaking it to the beat. The Asteroid began to slow in it’s spin, began to change it’s path with the electromagnetic force of it. It oriented itself, changed it’s course in the seemingly infinite blackness.
The asteroid now moving on a different path began to pick up speed, drawing on the currents that carried the incoming signal to them. The Prime salivated in the blackness, took in the sweet music of prey, reveled in it. It began to shudder in the darkness, in the center of the remains of the dark planet. It’s scream grew louder with the screaming in the signal to a crescendo until it abruptly stopped… It stopped, the signal stopped. The Prime froze, face cocked in the darkness trying to orient his tentacles towards the now missing wave forms. The entire interior of the Asteroid, all 10000 miles of it teeming with spinning things, paused quizzically, faces cocked confused at what to do.
The Prime screamed in fury in the new silence and the entire hive began to drift away from the vortex. The Prime grabbed at the flying things around him in rage as the hive now scattered back to it’s life on the interior, the buzzing stopped, it’s electrical power leaking out into the black quiet beyond the stone. As the signal’s amplification drifted away, The Prime felt an echo of it’s it’s final moment… “This has been Headbanger’s Ball, We’ll see you next week…”
The Prime roared in the blackness.
They slept, in the deep black of space. Burrowed, floating, the larger of them, the invulnerable, laying on the inside of the asteroid brazenly in the open sleeping. All of them drained and quiet from the frenzied activity that had just occurred on detection of the Headbangers Ball signal. All was quiet, except for one. The Prime growled to himself, pacing in the darkness of his cave. It was the biggest cave in the asteroid, The Prime reached out to the other Primes across thousands of miles of stone with his mind. Had they heard it? the sound? the signal? The Pounding and Buzzing glory? They had, the reaction of the hive to the signal had been as dramatic as the Prime’s was. Driving them and the organisms in their territories to a frenzied roaring whirl of lifeforms. Stopping the constant killing and consumption of all things and driving them as one into a controlled frenzy.
The Primes pondered this together. Order, where they had only known Chaos. This “Headbangers Ball” sound could be replicated, they were making the noises singing along when the signal was there. The hive had sung along with this Heavy Metal, why could they not make their own without the signal and control the hive? The other Primes growled and nodded in agreement on all corners of the rounded asteroid. They would make this “Heavy Metal” and see what would happen to the hive with it.
The Primes began to sing… And a new song was created.

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