A new video for “Honeybee”

The sun warms our wings.
50 degrees, we fly out high in search of a plant with flower in bloom
We dive in deep drink in the pollen sweet
Bathe our legs in the pollen sweet
As we dance to the flower’s beat
And we find our way back home
Drink in the nectar spit it out into a hexagonal cell
Waiting to be eaten as Honey
My Honey
My Honey Honey Honeybee
And the EMF patterns in the sky
As you push your buttons you wonder why they die
Oh my honeybee, my honeybee, my honey honey honeybee
The sun goes down, the night grows long
It’s time to find our way back home
To our sisters in full cluster form
40,000 girls keeping each other warm.
Maybe we’ll keep a drone around for the Queen’s pleasure
We’ll see what the winter solstice brings.

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